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Our History with Clarios An integrated, long-term partnership.

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The longstanding partnership between Butler Tool, Inc. (BTl) and Clarios is legendary. This partnership has been forged by meeting the tough challenges on every project opportunity for these many years of doing business together. Clear communication, responsive service, and upholding the highest industry standards have been the source of assurance for both companies. In 1960 changes in business at Globe Union gave BTl an opportunity to assist with a smooth transition. Since that time we have built and rebuilt many pieces of proprietary battery production equipment in the Clarios battery plants.

In 1990 we expanded our facilities further in order to provide greater service to Clarios. At this time we have many millions of dollars in readily available spare parts and tooling for the plants.

Our commitment to Clarios runs deep as we regularly train and provide information and process technologies for Clarios employees in order to assist them. The following projects and initiatives are just a small sampling of the value we bring to Clarios:

AGM capability equipment for Clarios– Holland (Toledo) OE plant.
Providing latest generation equipment for the new Clarios China, Korea, Brazil, India, & Colombia plants.
SAP Procurement Implementation.
Supplier Diversity initiative.
Preferred supplier Metrics Score Card.

These activities and initiatives are intended not only to strengthen our relationship, but also to demonstrate our industry-leading knowledge and capabilities. Best practices have led both companies toward not just business as usual, but business that has propelled both enterprises to succeed!

PRICE NEUTRAL SERVICES – all at no additional expense to Clarios:

• Maintenance of proprietary drawings and specifications
• Maintenance design and engineering services – if not project related
• Maintenance of proprietary castings and casting patterns
• Maintenance of proprietary information on our web-based catalog
• Maintenance of machine based Clarios/BTI Stockbase printed catalogs
• Providing the Clarios / BTI Central Stockbase of $5,000,000+ Spare Parts & Tooling
• Inventory of special grade & sized raw material
• Inventory of pre-machined ‘Cores’ for finished parts as required
• Furnishing Certified Inspection Reports and Serial Numbers on all plant gauges
• Furnishing part details not shown on proprietary Clarios drawings
• Furnishing part tracking and proof of delivery information

Butler Tool, Inc. is a proud recipient of the Clarios 2011 Customer Satisfaction Global Leadership Award!

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Butler Tool has both the desire and the expertise to design & build, provide quality machining of individual parts, to on-going technical support. - Continuous Improvement Manager